hello kitty afternoon tea at cutter and squidge, london

For a really early birthday treat, Lora and Leeann took me for afternoon tea at the Hello Kitty Secret Garden in Cutter and Squidge! They managed to keep it a complete surprise (even when we were around the corner) and we had a really magical day.

Hello Kitty Secret Garden - Cutter and Squidge, London, England
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The girls picked me up at the bright and early time of 9:30AM on a Sunday, and we set off for London. I got my first clue during a pit stop at Winchester Services, which was some Mr Kiplings’ Salted Caramel Whirls. While delicious, I still wasn’t any the wiser as to the plans for the day. When we got to London, we parked for the day at a garage in a hotel in Brick Street. Traffic meant that we were running a little late, so it was a brisk walk to Soho and I still had no idea! Round the corner from the store, Lora gave me my second clue. A cute HK plush in a pawprint dress with a toy monkey. I STILL didn’t know what was going on!
Then we walked in to Cutter and Squidge and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were so many cute treats on the counter! We were escorted downstairs to the hidden gem…

Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden

Hello Kitty Secret Garden - Cutter and Squidge, London, England

We were greeted with yummy pink lemonade and selected a loose leaf fruit tea to start. I chose the Apple Pie tea and it was really delicious and refreshing.

Our Afternoon Tea at Hello Kitty Secret Garden - Cutter and Squidge, London, England

Still in complete awe of the place, our waiter then brought over our tower of food! Six courses of bite-size delights – some savory, some sweet. They were all so cute.

My personal favourites were the cheese and red onion sandwich, the strawberry milkshake biskie and the apple pie mousse.

After we had finished, a waitress came and asked if we wanted ice cream! I was absolutely stuffed, but the girls chose some and it was served in a cute little teacup. When everything had been sampled, the waiter then asked us if we wanted any more of anything. We were gobsmacked! I couldn’t finish another bite of such lovely food so I don’t know how anyone has more.

Our Afternoon Tea at Hello Kitty Secret Garden - Cutter and Squidge, London, England

We then went upstairs and I chose some limited edition merchandise to take home with me – a tote bag and a mag.


Hello Kitty Cafe - Cutter & Squidge, London, England


Everything at Cutter and Squidge was fantastic. We received friendly and welcoming service and the food was carefully made, packed with brilliant flavour combinations. If I’m in the area again, I’ll definitely pop back for a spot of tea and a tasty biskie!

Our Afternoon Tea at Hello Kitty Secret Garden - Cutter and Squidge, London, England

The special Hello Kitty Afternoon Tea was only available until the 31st June 2016 and bookings must be for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 7 people. The booking lasted for 1hr 20 minutes but after this time you were welcome to sit upstairs to continue your visit.

It costed £40 per person for adults and £20 for children under 8 years old. Vegetarian options were also available and they catered to dietary requirements including allergies.
Our Afternoon Tea at Hello Kitty Secret Garden - Cutter and Squidge, London, England

Did you go to the Hello Kitty Café at Cutter and Squidge or anywhere else?
Would you like to have gone?

Let me know and leave me links in the comments below.


** Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by or affiliated with Cutter and Squidge or Hello Kitty in any way.



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    TOO. DARN. CUTE! I think if there’s any place you need to have tea at, it has to be this place. I love all of the Hello Kitty decor and the goodies dotted around the place. Love the fact that the ice cream was served in a tea cup too, and those cheese and red onion sandwiches do sound yummy! I’ll have to make sure I try and visit this place some day! Love the look of your new site too. – Tasha

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    Oh My Gosh! This cafe looks absolutely AMAZING! :3 i’m super jealous but very delighted for you that you got to go there! What a wonderful surprise from your friends! The food looks delicious and I really like that there’s a shop upstairs. Hopefully some day I can visit a Hello Kitty cafe. Great post x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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